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Hand Washing

Now that kids are back in school, cold and flu season is just around the corner! Hand washing is important year-round, but especially right now. For some kids, this can be a tricky skill to learn, whether it is because they are still learning how to sequence the steps, bilateral coordination is challenging for them, they are sensitive to temperatures or the texture of soap, or they are a “on-the-go” kiddo who does not want to take the time to wash their hands thoroughly. Even if your kiddo has the skill down, a visual is still a great tool to have to aid as a reminder.


  • Would your child or students benefit from a visual for sequencing each step to hand washing?Download our simple visual here! Simply print it out, laminate it for durability around water, cut it in half, and stick it above your bathroom sink!
  • Check out our Wash Your Hands Song blog post from our music therapy team. Here you will find lyrics for the steps to washing hands to the tune of the  Spiderman theme song.
  • Head over to this blog post from The OT Toolbox for great tips for kiddos who may have sensory sensitivities to washing hands, and for ideas to help improve kids’ attention while hand washing.


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