We're Expanding to West TN!

As a leader in pediatric therapy and IEP related services throughout Middle Tennessee, we’re thrilled to announce our expansion into West Tennessee! This expansion will officially kick off with the upcoming 2024-2025 school year as we partner with several schools in the “home of the blues” – Memphis, TN! We look forward to serving children, schools, and families in Memphis and the surrounding communities!

Helping Children Thrive Since 2016

Project Play Therapy has been dedicated to helping children achieve their highest potential through innovative, play-based therapy interventions. Our new collaboration will enhance educational environments by providing a wide array of support services directly within schools, promoting student success across all aspects of their school life. 

Therapeutic Offerings

Our therapeutic services are customized by school administrators to  fit the diverse needs of their student body. These services include occupational therapy, speech language pathology, physical therapy, behavior analysis, school psychology, music therapy, mental health counseling, and academic intervention.

Each offering is designed to enhance academic achievement and social participation, build communication and movement skills, support behavioral management, and address mental health needs, all while ensuring that students meet their fullest potential.

Growing Our Mission

“We know the need for high quality, data-driven, and compassionate care extends well beyond the Middle Tennessee area. We passionately believe that all children can reach their fullest potential and that it’s our responsibility to help make this vision a reality. To that end, we view this expansion as a way of extending our arms to embrace a broader village. We want all children to have access to holistic interventions and therapies designed for their individual needs and to be celebrated and championed for their unique gifts. This expansion is only the first step in scaling Project Play Therapy’s impact, and we whole-heartedly look forward to the journey!”

Dr. Cindy Minnis, NCSP, VP of Clinical and School Services 


Our Impact

As a trusted partner in over 150 schools and serving more than 3,000 students monthly, Project Play’s comprehensive service model will be available to even more schools throughout Tennessee and the Southeast, ensuring that high-quality therapeutic and educational support is accessible to the students that need it the most.

In addition to helping students, Project Play supports schools through various administrative support and consultative services including: 

Complimentary TennCare Billing: Schools benefit directly from all TennCare savings, with no additional cost for billing services.

Professional Supervision and Leadership Support: Ensuring compliance with state licensure and offering guidance on complex cases.

Quarterly Collaborative Roundtables: A platform for ongoing dialogue and sharing of best practices among educational partners.

HIPAA & FERPA Compliant Documentation: Utilizing an advanced electronic medical records platform to maintain secure and compliant records.

Continuous Improvement Programs: Observation, feedback, and coaching for school service providers to foster professional growth.

Access to Updated Evaluation and Assessment Materials: Keeping schools at the forefront of educational resources and practices.

Expertise in Regulatory Guidance: Consulting services to navigate the complexities of special education law at federal, state, and local levels.

Enhancing Educational Outcomes with Specialized Services:

Project Play’s team of professionals includes occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), school psychologists, music therapists, school-based counselors, and academic interventionists. Each plays a crucial role in supporting  the academic,  social and emotional needs of students. 

Understanding that each school has its unique culture and needs, Project Play assigns dedicated points of contact to ensure seamless service integration. These services are customizable to address the specific requirements of each school’s student body.

Project Play provides seamlessly integrated support services within schools to help students achieve their highest potential. Serving schools throughout Tennessee and the Southeast, Project Play is committed to helping schools enhance their students' academic and personal growth.

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