Psychoeducational Evaluations

A psychoeducational evaluation is a specialized, in-depth assessment process used to explore a child or teen’s learning and development. It is completed by an experienced and licensed psychologist. A comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation will include interviews, observations, and both formal and informal testing. The result is a detailed picture of how your child thinks, solves problems, and functions in all areas needed to perform well in school.

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A Psychoeducational Evaluation Can Help Parents:

  • Better understand your child’s personal strengths, abilities, and challenge areas
  • Discover the root causes of your child’s struggles or behaviors
  • Access support to tackle tough behavioral and emotional challenges
  • Create plans to appropriately challenge your academically advanced child
  • Evaluate academic skills after a major school transition or disruption
  • Choose the best tools, home strategies, and therapies
  • Receive detailed recommendations for helping your child perform to the best of his or her abilities


If there is evidence of a disability that requires support or accommodation, those needs will be formally identified and documented. Examples include developmental delays, dyslexia, ADHD, and learning disorders.

When to Talk to Your Child's Teacher or School Psychologist:

  • Your child has lost motivation for school and learning
  • Teacher feedback is very different from what you see at home
  • A new pattern of low grades
  • Your child struggles in one subject area but does well in others
  • Homework is a battle
  • Your child starts using negative self-talk (“I’m dumb”)
  • Problems at school are causing stress at home
  • You’ve had concerns for some time (in general, for longer than a few months)

Reach Out for a Psychoeducational Evaluation

Psychoeducational evaluations help parents understand their children’s emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. If you’ve wondered why your son or daughter is struggling in school, this robust assessment can provide crucial insights. Contact your child’s administration to learn about school-based services, or reach out to us for a clinic-based appointment. We can’t wait to help your child thrive!

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