The Project Play Experience

Project Play Therapy provides holistic and evidence-based therapies in clinic and school environments. Our multidisciplinary team represents 10+ service areas. We have four clinic locations and over 150 school partnerships throughout Middle Tennessee. We are dedicated to promoting functional independence through your child’s primary occupation: PLAY!

dad and son playing baseball

We Love Our Village

  • Project Play is our family. We live here, work here, and play here!
  • We serve Middle Tennessee with four clinic locations and over 150 school partners.
  • Started in 2016 by a husband and wife team, we are owned and operated by local therapists.

We Find Joy in the Hustle

  • We are a small business that takes pride in hard work and dedication to our craft.
  • We conduct over 10,000 hours of therapy every month.
  • We serve 3,000 students each month.
  • We got our start in clinic-based services, but spread our wings to include school partners in 2017 through the acquisition of Franklin Speech & Learning.

We Change the Game

  • Success at PPT means one thing – a unified vision to work tirelessly toward our children reaching their fullest potential.
  • We utilize a multi-disciplinary team of experts across 10+ service areas to collaborate on your child’s care.
  • We facilitate all special education-related services and specialized student supports, so schools can focus on instructional time. We coordinate, advise, collaborate, and manage delivery of IEP services across a wide range of specialists.

We Accept No Limits

  • Our community’s needs are complex and ever-challenging, but we are committed to all services being rooted in helping others see and celebrate each child’s unique gifts.
  • Ingenuity and innovation was the recipe of survival during Covid-19 when we flipped all our services to a virtual model in a matter of weeks.
  • Our multidisciplinary and holistic SMILE curriculum targets social & emotional learning, motor skill development, child focused independent life skills, successful language & communication, and executive functioning skill development. We support you through classroom and individual implementation, adaptation, and data collection to ensure every child makes progress every day!

Our Approach

We believe in treating the whole child and we know that it takes a village! Our multidisciplinary and holistic approach utilizes a team of experts to collaborate on your child’s goals. By incorporating professional expertise, parent/caregiver guidance, and child input, we create an environment to foster optimal growth to help your child reach their fullest potential.

Pediatric Therapy for Your Child

Every child deserves to thrive. Our speech, occupational, physical, ABA, and feeding therapists in Nashville are available in four convenient locations and throughout 150+ schools. To see if our services are available at your school, contact your administrator. To book an appointment at one of our clinics, fill out a form or call. We can’t wait to help your little one thrive!

Helping Children Thrive Since 2016