Behavior Therapy (ABA)

Our board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) apply the scientific principles of human behavior, in everyday settings, to change and impact your child’s behaviors. They collect and analyze data to find out why a child is engaging in interfering behavior. Once the root cause is determined, your BCBA will work alongside you to replace the unwanted action with a positive one. Because we believe in the power of play, we strive to make this process fun!

ABA therapy

Our BCBAs specialize in building abilities like communication, social skills, attention to tasks, play and leisure skills, academic readiness, and self-help skills to help your child reach their fullest potential. Our therapy is evidence-based and results-driven, as we believe this is the foundation for valid interventions and facilitating optimal outcomes.

All of our therapists and specialists have advanced professional training and experience with a variety of disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, developmental delays, interfering behavior, and more.

Behavior Therapy (ABA) Areas of Focus

  • Reduce interfering behavior
  • Learn new behaviors
  • Verbal behavior
  • Listening skills
  • Toilet training
  • Self-help skills
  • Social/emotional learning
  • Group learning
  • Play skills
  • School preparation
  • Parent training


Your child’s BCBA and behavior technicians will conduct a formal assessment of interfering behavior and comprehensive skill assessment which occurs over a period of weeks.

ABA therapy is much more intensive than other therapies. Our BCBAs prescribe therapy hours based on the results of your child’s assessment, ranging from 10-30 hours per week.
Typically, your child will work with between 1 and 3 behavior technicians, and will have one BCBA supervisor. The number of behavior technicians can vary depending on how many hours of therapy your child is prescribed.
At Project Play Therapy, we love to PLAY! We make learning fun by incorporating your child’s interests into therapy activities. Therapists work with your child on a variety of skills during sessions. This can include table work, playing with toys, or completing daily tasks (e.g., snack time or brushing teeth). During longer sessions, the therapist will break up the session to cover a variety of activities, similar to a school day schedule with frequent play breaks.

Yes! We see our clients in-home, school, and in our clinics because behavior changes across settings. In-home services are offered based on location. Please contact our office at (615) 852-5955 to find out if in-home services are available for your child.

It is our goal to provide all prescribed hours for your child. If we are not able to staff the case immediately, we ask for 45-60 days from Plan of Care meetings to staff your child’s case with the best possible behavior technicians. Your child’s treatment is extremely important to us!

We are currently accepting new clients! The sooner you are added to our referral list the better. Children are placed with BCBAs based on their order on our referral list, completion of necessary documentation, and the child’s availability for sessions.

For Tennessee Medicaid we accept all United Health Care, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Managed Care partners.

For Commercial insurance we accept most Blue Cross Blue Shield policies, United Health Care, United Medical Resources, Aetna, and Cigna plans.

 * Coverage varies based on individual policies and diagnosis. PPT will assist in verification of benefits prior to the start of therapy.

Reach Out for ABA Therapy in Nashville and Beyond

ABA therapy can break the cycle of interfering behavior. To determine whether behavior therapy is available on-site at your child’s school, contact your administrator. For more information about our clinic-based services and appointment availability, submit a contact form. We’re ready to help your child thrive!

Overcome Interfering Behavior With Evidence-Based ABA Therapy in Nashville