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Project Play Therapy has partnered with over 150 schools to help scholars unlock their fullest potential. We help your students get back on track with evidence-based, creative, and fun therapies.


Project Play Therapy Provides the Following School-Based Services:


Partnership Perks

Project Play is well-known for being a one-stop shop to access all school related services in one collaborative relationship. Partnering with Project Play goes well beyond the direct treatment model. Included in your contract at no additional cost to your school:
  • Complimentary TennCare billing for eligible children. All TennCare savings go directly to the school.
  • Professional supervision provided by Project Play for state licensure regulations.
  • Experienced leadership team to support our service providers and school partners with challenging cases.
  • Collaborative roundtables offered to school partners on a quarterly basis.
  • HIPAA & FERPA compliant electronic medical records platform for compliant therapy documentation.
  • School service provider observation, feedback,
    and coaching model for continuous growth
    and improvement.
  • Evaluation/assessment materials offering a wide range of the latest editions.
  • Expertise and consultation with federal, state, and local special education regulatory guidance.


School Partners


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Project Play Therapy
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For School Administrators

We partner with administrators throughout Tennessee to seamlessly integrate into each unique school environment. To facilitate these relationships, we have a specific point person dedicated to school-related communication. We strive to develop an in-depth understanding of each school’s core values and echo those throughout our work on-site.

Our team can evaluate and customize our offerings to fit the needs of each member of your student body. Project Play Therapy’s goal is to help children thrive while positively contributing to your school’s culture. To learn more about the benefits of partnering with us, contact Project Play today.

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