Questions & Answers

Curious about our therapies, PPT policies, or what to expect in your first session? You’re in the right place! Read on to get answers to all our most frequently asked questions

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Yes! Specifically:

  • AAC evaluations
  • Feeding therapy
  • Handwriting therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Social groups*

* Currently, Project Play delivers group therapy as needed or on a seasonal basis

Truthfully, we can’t say. There is no test, list of conditions, or traits we could communicate on this screen that would thoughtfully answer your question; however, we would love to have an open-minded, non-judgmental discussion with you if you even have sneaking suspicions.

If you suspect that your child or family member may need therapy, you can review our where to start page or call one of our locations to set up an evaluation. Once an evaluation has been completed, decisions regarding therapy recommendations and a plan of treatment can be determined.

For all services we offer group and individual options (based on availability)

We’re called Project Play Therapy for a reason! Think fun: swings, balls, shaving cream and games – all geared towards achieving new levels of functional independence. Sessions typically last thirty to sixty minutes, with the final few minutes of each session strategically reserved for parent or caregiver discussion to ensure tips, tricks, goals and progress reports are consistently and timely communicated. 

Group Sessions

Depending on your child’s progress, our therapists may recommend group therapy in addition to individual treatment. We provide group therapy and social groups to encourage progress. Currently, Project Play delivers group therapy as needed or on a seasonal basis.

We encourage parents to sit in on sessions and carry over therapeutic activities, when properly trained, at home! We understand that attending therapy with your child isn’t always an option. We do reserve the last few minutes of every session to collaborate with parents/caregivers! Our therapists will provide you with an overview of the session, progress toward goals, and activities to practice at home!
If your child has had an evaluation by a licensed therapist within the last year, there may not be a need for another evaluation.

For medical services (OT, PT, ST) we accept the following:

For Tennessee Medicaid we accept all United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Amerigroup Managed Care partners.

For Commercial insurance we accept most Blue Cross Blue Shield policies, United Health Care, United Medical Resources, and Cigna plans.

Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physical Therapy and Music Therapy evaluations typically take between 30 minutes-1 hour and are completed within a week or two

ABA Evaluations typically takes 6-8 hours over the course of a few weeks, and 

Psychoeducational evaluations take between 15-20 hours over the course of a few weeks

*all subject to vary based on individual needs

Yes, an evaluation is the first step in determining a treatment plan! PPT will assist in verifying insurance benefits or discuss out of pocket expenses prior to an evaluation.