Back-to-School Song: Appropriate Greetings

Back-to-School Song: Appropriate Greetings

A Back-to-School Song

It’s the beginning of the school year, which means your child is likely meeting and interacting with lots of new people! Learning physical boundaries for different circles of people (such as family vs friends vs strangers,) can be a difficult skill to master. Today, one of our music therapists is sharing a song that helps teach appropriate ways to greet everyone from close friends to unfamiliar people at school. 

Check out this video of one of our music therapist’s sharing a song called “Shaking Hands with My Friends.” This song was written by music therapist Patina Jackson. A recording of the song and visuals that go along with it can be found on her website –

About the Song:

  • It can be adapted for lots of different types of greetings that honor personal space
    • Shaking hands, waving, high fives, fist bumps, etc.
    • After listening to the song, you can ask your child, “What other ways can we say hello at school?”
  • It can help support your child’s understanding of different ways to greet people, and support them asking before touching others
    • Example – when the lyrics ask, “Will you shake hands with me?”
  • Based on your discretion, it can also open up discussion about other physical boundaries
    • Such as only hugging close friends or family members


Cheers to the new school year! 


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