Teaching Kids To Blow Their Nose

Teaching Kids To Blow Their Nose

Danny the Dragon Song

Coughing, sneezing, and runny noses – oh my! Cold and flu season is coming up, which unfortunately means your child may have a runny or stuffy nose. Learning life skills like using tissues and blowing our noses is difficult! Today, one of our music therapists is sharing a song which outlines the steps of blowing your nose and encourages cleanliness by using a tissue. The song works on the steps it takes to blow your nose: grabbing a tissue, breathing in through our mouth, and blowing out the nose. 

Check out this video of a song called “Danny the Dragon,” with lyrics by our own music therapist, Anna Laura McAfee. This song was originally written as “Sleepy the Snake” by music therapist and music educator, Stephanie Leavell from Music for Kiddos

Tips and Tricks: 

  • Use the visuals that go along with the song or a stuffed animal to model the action steps with your child. We have put together some visuals, which you can view here
  • Don’t like dragons? Easy! Just sing the song with your child’s favorite stuffed animal and you can personalize this song just for them so it is extra motivating, such as “Katie the Cat.”


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