We Love Our Village

Late in 2019, Project Play Therapy staff began a process of brainstorming to inform updated core values for our company. Employees all had the opportunity to answer questions and list out what they thought should be the guiding principles for our company, now and in the future.

Their answers, key words and phrases ended up on hundreds of post-it notes that covered the walls in our employee lounge. Words like: compassion, collaboration, and love were some of the top picks that stayed present for several months while we took the time to develop PPT’s Core Values. In early 2020, the Leadership Team finalized these core values, and as a company, we finally had a message that we felt perfectly captured why Project Play Therapy is such a special place.

Out of our 4 core values, the one that seemed to always be at the top of the list was simply:

We love our village.

To Project Play Therapy this not only means that we love our staff, but also all of our patients and students, their families, our school partners, and the community at large. We see and celebrate the unique gifts and talents of every member of our village. We start always from a foundation of love as we take on the work of advocating for others to recognize and appreciate those unique gifts. We believe passionately that all members of our village deserve to be treated equally, and that inclusion, without bias, is essential to providing the support and therapies that the children we serve need.

In light of recent events in our country, Project Play Therapy remains committed to providing quality therapies to our entire village, and to continually embrace diversity, inclusion, equity, and of course, love, to all who walk through our doors. To the patients and students, their families and education partners, our staff, and all members of our village who belong to the black community – You will always be seen, be heard, be valued, and most of all – you will always be loved.

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