This Week’s Summer Activities

Coming up with activities over the summer can be hard, but Project Play Therapy is here to help! This week we wanted to share a few ideas with you and help you create fun memories with your child, (while also working on some of their goals).

Social Skills

This Monday is National Best Friends Day, and to celebrate our speech team has come up with a fun activity to help practice social skills with your child. See the video below to practice different ways to be a good friend. With this game you can also learn how to have conversations with a friend, and how to answer questions.

I Spy Activity

“I Spy” is a fun and easy activity to do with your children. You can use our downloadable sheet (Download HERE) or you can make your own worksheet with your child. Kids can do a worksheet hunt, or scavenger hunt outside by looking for summer items in your neighborhood. You can also create an indoor scavenger hunt on a rainy day with their favorite toys or animals.

Summer Reading

Summer reading is a great way to practice academic skills with you child. Make your child’s reading time even more fun by having your child draw a picture from their favorite part of the story. For children with an interest in drama, have them act out a short scene that you film and send it to family! Get creative and turn the book into a trivia game and see who can remember the most details from the story. Also, you can work with your child to create and decorate their own cozy reading space at home. Check out the following links for some great summer reading suggestions:

Summer Reading Suggestions for Preschoolers

Scholastic Summer Reading Lists (by Grade)

Children’s Summer Fun Books

Read Across America Summer Reading List


We hope you are having a lot of fun this week! If you feel your child could benefit from some one on one intervention over the summer, our three clinics will be open. Feel free to contact us at for more information.