Using Music for Transitions

It’s time to transition…

Transitions can be difficult for kids of all ages. It can be hard to transition from one task to another, between classes, and especially from favorite activities to things that might not be as preferred, like from play time to their bedtime routine.

Music can be a helpful tool for making transitions easier and more enjoyable for everyone! 


Check out this video of our music therapist singing a transition song.


How to use the song:

This transition song is to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus.” The lyrics can be changed for any situation! Singing directions, rather than speaking them, can help to grab and maintain your child’s attention. The repetitive lyrics also allow time for your child to process what they’re being told to go. Directions are so much more fun to follow when they’re musical!


Make this song even more fun by adding motions that go along with the transition! For example, if you’re asking your child to walk somewhere, you can add big marching motions. Provide modeling and other prompting as needed when using this song. Have fun! 


Transition Song Lyrics:

It’s time for ______ (name) to ________(walk to class, put shoes on, pick up toys, etc.)

Walk to class, walk to class!

Time for Lydia to walk to class

Let’s walk to class!



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