All About W sitting

Let’s Talk About W Sitting

W sitting is a hot topic among the therapy and medical community. We hope at  Project Play Therapy we can provide you with the information you need to provide the best  care for your children. Here we will talk a little about what “W Sitting” is, signs that there could  be an underlying issuing, and when to visit a physical therapist for further assessment.  


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What is W sitting?

W sitting looks like when a child has their legs splayed to either side and knees bent in the shape similar to a W. 


Why can it be harmful?

This position creates a stable base for the child by resting on the ligaments within their  hips. It is an easy position for them to hold for long periods of time as it decreases the  requirement for engagement of the core and back extensor muscle groups. 

If you do see your child sit in this position one time or infrequently, there most likely is  nothing of concern. It’s when this is seen as the top preference for sitting that there may be an  underlying issue. This could include core strength deficits or a structure abnormality in the hips.  


How to help

Pediatric physical therapists can be a great resource in your community and are able to  assess whether there is a more serious concern for your child, as well as provide treatment to  address these issues, and ensure they do not have any lingering joint pain into adulthood.


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