Teaching Your Child to Wait

Hold up! Wait a minute…

 Waiting is tough! Everyone has to do it, but patience takes time and practice. In the video below, you will find some tips from one of our ABA therapists to get your kiddos to be waiting masters!


Click here for the video!


Why teach waiting?

Sometimes, you can’t give your kids everything they want when they want it! They may need to wait for the things they want to have. This skill is so vital for decreasing challenging behaviors when there are times your child has to wait. It is an important life skill that will be used throughout their development.


Tips and Tricks to waiting:

  • Be specific and clear
    • How long are they waiting for?
    • What should they be doing while waiting?
  • Start with a shorter duration and increase slowly
  • Provide alternative activities while waiting
  • Remind them how much time is left throughout the waiting period
  • Visuals – being able to see how much time is left can be helpful
    • Phone Timer
    • Time Timer App
  • Don’t forget to follow through!
  • When practicing, mix some shorter wait times with longer times


Different ways to practice waiting:

  • Waiting for your attention
  • Waiting for an item
  • Waiting for access to a preferred area
  • Turn Taking


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