Happy Occupational Therapy Month!

Happy Occupational Therapy Month!

April is Occupational Therapy month!

Here at Project Play Therapy we have an incredible team of Occupational Therapists! Our therapists go above and beyond for their kiddos, families, and school partners. We are happy to celebrate our OTs today and every day! Scroll down to learn more about Occupational Therapy and meet our awesome OT team.


What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists helps people engage in meaningful “occupations”. For example, for children this includes school, self-care, play, handwriting, and class participation, to name just a few. An OT analyzes the skills necessary to help a child successfully complete tasks independently, oftentimes through the use of play.  In addition, Occupational Therapist’s expertise also include activity and environmental analysis, as well as, modification. We can provide training, direct therapy, group therapy, and consultations.


Skills Addressed in Occupational Therapy:

Here is a list of some skill areas that an OT may address. However, the possibilities with OT are endless! Above all, if you notice your child is having difficulty with any of these skills consult an OT.

  • Fine motor: manage clothing fasteners, hold a pencil, and tie shoes
  • Muscle strength and coordination: maintain appropriate posture, catch
    a ball, endurance
  • Visual perceptual skills: puzzles, ispy, mazes and reading
  • Visual motor: scissors skills, eye hand coordination, handwriting
  • Self-regulation: managing and coping with various emotions
  • Sensory Processing: ability to tolerate touch, noise, movement and
  • Attention and Focus: use sensory strategies and environmental
    accommodations to improve attention and focus in a child’s environment
  • Social Participation: personal space, social norms, role modeling
  • Self-Care skills: feeding and eating, use of the restroom, and managing hygiene
  • Handwriting and Typing: formation, line placement, size, space, and
  • And so much more!!


Meet the OT Team!



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