Olympic Ring Toss: Physical Therapy Game

Olympic Ring Toss

The 2021 Summer Olympics begin today! In honor of this, one of our physical therapists has put together a fun game to work on motor skills for all of our future Olympians! You can check out his video here.

Getting started:

To make an Olympic ring toss, you will need 4-5 rings and “targets” that the rings can land on. Rings can be made with cardboard to be a little sturdier, or you can use rope to make them more pliable. For the targets, you can use sticks in the ground, or tape paper towel rolls to paper plates.

How to play:

The goal of the game is to attempt to throw the rings so they land around the targets, with targets being worth more points the farther away they are. Each person gets a turn to throw all of the rings, and the person with the highest point total wins!


What skills are we working on?

  • Throwing Coordination: Tossing the ring requires coordination of your shoulder down to your wrist to place it in the correct position to land around the targets.
  • Hand Release Timing: Hand release while throwing is a skill that requires practice and concentration. If released too early or too late, the ring will not accurately land in the desired location.
  • Visual Perception: Using visual perception, you will be able to gauge the distance of the target and toss the ring an equal distance to score the point.


Have fun playing Olympic ring toss!


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