Tips for Working on the ‘L’ Sound

Does your child say W instead of L or even leave L out of words completely? If your child is still working on the tricky L sound, here are five fun ways to practice this skill at home!


  1. Train little ears to hear the L sound. Draw pictures of word pairs that highlight L such as light and white or lizard and wizard
  2. Use a mirror so your child can watch their tongue lift behind their top teeth as they say L. This immediate and self-directed feedback is valuable in learning a new skill! 
  3. Fill a bag with L-objects and play a guessing game! Using only touch, have your child guess what they feel. Practice the L word and try using it in a sentence.
  4. Sing a song with only la-la-la instead of lyrics. See how fast it takes to guess each other’s songs. If needed, have a mirror ready to go for support! 
  5. For guaranteed giggles (and quality L practice) place a dot of peanut butter right behind your child’s top teeth. Find some L tongue-twisters online or write your own and have them lick the peanut butter as they practice the L sound. 


Check out one of our SLP’s sharing tips for the L sound here!


If you have concerns with your child’s speech, a speech language pathologist at Project Play Therapy is always happy to help!


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