Going to the Zoo Language Activity

Going to the Zoo Language Activity

In speech and language therapy, labeling is an important precursor to literacy development, and helps to increase the length of word phrases a child uses. One way children often practice this is through labeling animals, sounds they make, and what they are doing. This is also a good time to practice learning colors and talking about actions, such as sitting, walking, climbing etc.

Going to the zoo to practice labeling and making animal noises can be a fun activity to practice these skills.

Activity Outline

  • Print out the Zoo Activity Page here.
  • While at the zoo, point to and label the pictured zoo animal and imitate their noises.
  • Label the actions and colors of the zoo animals. For example, say “Look at the pink
    bird,” or ask “What is the monkey doing?” and answer, “He is climbing.”
  • Prompt your child to do the same
  • Check off or count how many animals on the activity page you can find.


We hope you have a great time at the Zoo learning and practicing speech and language skills!


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