New School Year Printables

material roundup

Happy 2022-2023 School Year!

As we gear up for a new school year, we have rounded up a few materials to use with students this year. Each of these resources can be used with students of any age, across all related-services, and within the classroom. These activities require minimal prep, and are loaded with fun!


  • Download our new “All About Me” Printable” to start of the school year getting to know your students. There are two versions, one with “therapy goals” and one with “class goals.”

  • Head over to our Back-To-School Vocabulary blog post to download a simple school vocabulary activity, and to learn how you can use this activity with your students.
  • If you have a student who has some fear around returning back to school, head over to this blog post for some great tips from one of our psychologists.
  • Working on pre-writing shapes? Check out this blog post for a simple activity printable and tips!
  • Mix up the way your students practice writing letters and words this year with a multi-sensory approach. Head over to this blog post for some inspiration.
  • Does your student or class need a movement break? Switch it up with our musical animal walks printable!
  • Follow us on Spotify for kid-friendly playlists. We currently have relaxation playlists, and will be adding more in the upcoming months.


Keep on helping each student reach their fullest potential each day – we are cheering for you!


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