Enablr Brings Mobile Pediatric Therapy Services to Middle Tennessee

Adding flexibility, efficiency and transparency to pediatric therapy

Life is a roller coaster. And the past several years at Project Play Therapy, both starting from scratch and now watching it grow, have certainly been a wild ride. It’s been the ultimate educational experience, as we tweak, prioritize, and of course, re-prioritize our processes internally, and services, externally… especially as we continue to truly understand our community’s needs.

The one thing that has remained constant throughout the process has simply (at least in theory) been the continued need for more therapy options for families…. After all, this is how the concept of PPT was born. And today, we are incredibly proud of our dedicated and passionate team at Project Play: re-opening locations, increasing services (e.g., bilingual speech therapy, ABA services, etc.), launching teletherapy, and a creating a vast array of training/services to support local schools… to name just a few!

However, despite our team’s effort, it is simply not enough. There are countless children that would still benefit from more therapy (or any, for that matter!). Clinics can always improve and progress service offerings, but an alternative, modernized model is needed, altogether, to complement traditional services. Hence, we decided to go back to the drawing board. How can we reach all the families that cannot make pediatric therapy a reality for their children in today’s society?

Our solution: Enablr Therapy.

Please see the press release below that has been shared with several platforms in our community. Check it out and please pass along to someone who is unlikely to initiate therapy services for their family, otherwise.

Much love,

Kyle & Sarah Keene


Despite child development and peer interaction consistently being top of mind for all parents, general awareness and access to pediatric therapy remain vastly behind today’s world of technology and innovation. Enablr Therapy is ready to act. A Nashville-based startup (and sister-company to Project Play Therapy!), Enablr is an online marketplace providing high-quality and convenient therapy related services to families still searching for more options. Their talented network of therapists is committed to delivering mobile therapy whenever, and wherever families need it most. If families value therapy in a convenient and “natural” setting, Enablr can make it happen.

Enablr is focused on speech, occupational and physical therapy services, in addition to academic based tutoring. “We want to empower all the talented and passionate therapists in our community” says co-founder, Kyle Keene, “by giving them the keys to their very own virtual clinic and connecting them directly with families in need of effective, private expertise”. Gone are the days of families being unsure about the fit with a therapist, as they will be able to conduct their own due diligence on Enalbr’s network (e.g., areas of expertise, experience, education, etc.), including reading real reviews from real customers.

“We have all seen the recent advancements in service levels and flexibility in other industries” Keene offered, “and we kept wondering why pediatric therapy consistently lagged behind”. Keene, also the Co-founder & President of Project Play Therapy, says there is an ongoing challenge of getting children the therapy needed to develop appropriately, despite ample professionals and clinics in the area. “Life is busy. Families struggle to get to an appointment at a clinic across town given school, work, sibling schedules, and who knows what else! We are proud of the culture, expertise and love each one of our families get when they walk through our doors at Project Play and Franklin Speech, but the truth of the matter is that other families need more flexibility!”

Similarly, the industry has seen a shift in the entrepreneurial spirit and independent nature of therapists. Enablr allows professionals to set their own schedule, prices and coverage area. They are the CEO of their very own e-practice. “Enablr facilitates the scheduling, billing and back office management so families and professionals can focus on the child”.

Enablr plans to launch in select Nashville neighborhoods in Q4 2018 with expansion to surrounding areas beginning in early 2019. Visit enablrtherapy.com to join the revolution or merely just to stay current. “It’s time to give our community more flexibility and advocate for effective, yet manageable, pediatric therapy options,” Keene proclaims. “Project Play has provided many families with the expertise and care needed, and Enablr is just the next (and even supplemental) option for our community.

Just vet your therapists, request an appointment and receive therapy services on your terms.

And remember: Wherever you go, Enablr is there.