Celebrating Black History: Music Spotlight

Black History Month + Music

In honor of Black History Month, we at Project Play Therapy want to highlight some incredible Black musicians and bands that create music for kids! With everything from movement songs, to supporting your child’s learning, to celebrating diversity, here are some amazing albums to add to your child’s music rotation.


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Movement Songs:


Ella Jenkins creates beautiful children’s folk music, and the songs on her “Get Moving with Ella Jenkins” album are so much fun to dance along to!


Jazzy Ash and her New Orleans band are bringing jazz to the next generation, and her albums are an upbeat and engaging way to introduce your kids to the jazz genre! 


Learning Songs:


Made in Tanzania, Akili and Me is a YouTube channel that features 4-year-old Akili, who is learning the alphabet, shapes, counting, and more through fun songs.


Big Don gives your favorite classic children’s songs, and some fun originals, a hip-hop twist! His albums, Big Don’s Big Beat, Big Don’s Brand New Beat, and Big Don’s Big Class cover topics like grammar, good manners, nutrition, and safety. 


“Kuumba” means creativity in Swahili, and The Kuumba Kids create uplifting music that teaches kids about the rich culture of Africa.

  • The Kuumba Kids on YouTube and Spotify


Celebrate Diversity Songs:


Uncle Devin uses percussion instruments to take kids on a musical journey with impactful life lessons. His “Be Yourself” album is catchy and encourages kids to embrace what makes them unique! 


In her “I Like the Me I See” album, Culture Queen sings empowering songs that celebrate diversity and cultivate confidence! 



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