Astronaut Coloring Page

Astronaut Coloring Page

Three, Two, One…BLAST OFF

Today’s Black History Month spotlight is Dr. Mae Jemison. She is an American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. In fact, she was the first black woman to travel into outer space! In honor of Dr. Jemison, we have created a coloring page that will address  you can download here. This page is not only fun to color, but it works on fine motor skills as well. 


We hope that Mae inspires your children to dream big, and to “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” – Dr. Mae Jemison


All About Dr. Mae Jemison

She has accomplished many incredible things in her lifetime! She attended Stanford University at the age of 16 on a National Achievement Scholarship. Ther she served as head of the Black Student Union. Also, she attended Cornell University Medical College to become a doctor. Dr. Mae Jemison worked at a Camodian refugee camp in Thailand as well as served in the Peace Corp in Liberia. She then followed her life-long dream of becoming a NASA astronaut. 


How Coloring Helps with Handwriting:

Coloring is not only a great way for children to express creativity and imagination, but also helps promote handwriting skills for early learners and older kids alike!

Here are a few skills coloring targets: 

  • Grasp development and endurance

While coloring, children are strengthening the intrinsic muscles in their hands. These muscles help to develop a proper grasp, and to increase endurance to write longer.

  • Spatial awareness

When children color within the border, they are working on their visual perception skills. Visual perception is important for line awareness, margin awareness, and awareness of the body’s position as it moves through space. 

  • Eye-hand coordination

Coloring helps children practice coordinating visual input with physical movements of their hands. With more control, comes improved letter formation and neatness when writing. 


Want some more resources to teach your children about Dr. Mae Jemison? Check these out: 


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