Book Read-Aloud: I am a Rainbow

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Dolly Parton’s “I Am a Rainbow” Book Read-Aloud

Listen to the full book read-aloud here.

This book was chosen because it does an excellent job discussing feelings and emotions. It uses the colors of the rainbow as a visual representation for the characters in the book to discuss their emotions. Each page is associated with a different color. For example, “When I’m tickled pink, it means I’m feeling dandy. Everything is great and as sweet as cotton candy.” Then the next page reads, “But guess what happens when my sister pulls my hair? Then I turn RED. I’m as angry as a bear.”

This book has vivid images and great examples for parents and teachers to expand upon. You can ask questions, related to social language, such as:

  • How might you feel if your sister pulled your hair?
  • Why do you think the character feels angry?
  • Let’s look at their body language: what in this picture tells us that they might be feeling
  • Tell me about a time that you have felt angry?
  • The adult and child may even practice making faces based on each emotion and talk about what someone’s face may look like if they’re feeling sad, happy, angry, etc. If this appears to be
    very engaging for your child, you may even make a rainbow colored feelings chart so your child can use a color visual to discuss their emotions.


Happy Reading!


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