Black History Month WH- Questions Book

black history month question book

Black History Month WH- Questions Book

The month of February is known as Black History Month, a time to remember and shine a light on notable people and events that have impacted the world. Use our printable with your child to learn about seven significant people and practice answering WH- questions! 

What are WH- questions?

WH- questions, such as “Who?”, “What”, “Where?”, “When?”, “Why?”, and “How/How many?”, demonstrate understanding of stories and real life events. They are essential for communicating wants and needs, as well as forming relationships with peers and adults by being an active participant in conversations!

How To Use:

  • Print our free packet: Black History Month WH- Questions Book
  • Cut each page in half on the dotted line. Use a stapler or book ring to create the booklet.
  • Read each biography aloud – you can do one or two a day until the packet is complete.
  • Discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary within the text, such as the ones italicized. 
  • Make the biographies even more interactive by looking up pictures and/or videos of concepts discussed in the biographies. For instance, when reading Mae Jamison’s biography, see if you can find pictures or videos of the Space Shuttle Endeavour!
  • Answer the WH- questions at the end of the biographies. Each question has two answer choices, but feel free to attempt the questions open-ended at first.


We hope you enjoy learning about these incredible people who have made our country a better place!


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