Valentine’s Day Activity Page

Valentine’s Day Activity Page

Valentine’s Day Visual Scanning Activity

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Celebrate this holiday with your children, students, or clients with our free Valentine’s Day Activity Page . Not only is this a fun activity for kids, it also works on many skills! One of which is visual scanning.

What is Visual Scanning?

Visual scanning is the ability to coordinate eye movements in order to search within the environment in an efficient manner. Each person uses this skills for daily activities, such as finding an object in the junk drawer, reading their favorite book, and copying from the board during school, which makes it a crucial skill for academic advancement!

Additional Activities for Visual Scanning:

  • Any iSpy activity pages, such as our Valentine’s Day one above, or activity books
  • Mazes
  • Connect-the-dots activity pages
  • Word searches
  • Sight Word Game: Blast Off!


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