All About Visual Schedules

Let’s Talk About Visual Schedules! 


Sometimes it can be confusing for our children to not know what to expect or not know what is coming up next. Changes in routines can be stressful.  However, using a visual schedule can be a useful tool to guide your day! Here is one of our ABA therapists showing you how to make and use a visual schedule at home! 


Click here to watch the video!


Why Use a Visual Schedule?

  • Breaks down a task, making it easier to understand 
  • Helps a child know what is coming up next 
  • Can help decrease anxiety 
  • Self reinforcing and can help with independence 



  • Pictures of tasks/events
  • Strip to place pictures 


  • Pen and paper! 



  • Keep it simple! 
    • Use language your child will understand
  • Don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be pictures
    • Can your child read? – Write it down! 
    • No printed pictures? – Draw clear ones on a paper! 
    • Want to try an iPad? – Use ChoiceWorks ($)
  • The schedule should be visible to the child throughout the activity/task
  • For more difficult tasks, mix up more preferred activities with harder ones


Visual schedules can be used for a variety of activities such as morning/nighttime routines, homework, new outings/trips, toileting, or just to structure some free time. Good luck and happy visual scheduling! 


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