Gross Motor Brain Break Activities

Let’s Get Moving!

Did you know that “Brain Breaks” can be a really useful tool in the classroom or for learning virtually at home. No matter what the grade level or subject this is a great tool to use with our students when they need that recharge break. It allows them to be active, get the blood pumping and the brain working. Therefore, improving focus on learning and academics. Check out one of your Physical Therapist’s top five favorite gross motor breaks for you to use with your students in the video link below. 


Click here to watch the video!


Why use Brain Breaks?

Embedding movement or “brain breaks” is essentially helping to promote motor skill activity. It is so important to help children develop postural control, locomotor skills, and coordination skills as well as increase oxygen to the brain for improved attention and cognitive processing. When they are able to maintain an upright posture, and participate in physical activities, while demonstrating eye-hand coordination it only propels functional learning. Sometimes teachers can find it difficult to make time for gross motor skills throughout the day. Here are 5 exercises to support gross motor skills in the classroom at home learning. 


Activities to Try in the Classroom & at Home

*All of these activities can be done while seated

  1. Side Bend and Hold
  2. 3-Way Arm Punches 
  3. Chair Push-Ups
  4. Warrior Pose
  5. Chair Jumping Jacks 


The goal can be to complete each exercise 10 times while making sure to remind your student to have fun and breathe throughout the activity. Let’s get that blood pumping and body moving!


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