ABA is back again and we’re starting a series of posts about PLAY!

Do you ever wonder HOW to play with your child? Some of us adults love to play with our kids, and some of us just don’t prefer it and that’s okay! maybe we can help you learn to enjoy it 😉

A lot of times when adults play with kids, they take over by talking too much, or asking the child lots of questions like, What color is this? How many do you have? What letter is this? By talking so much and bombarding them with questions, we accidentally interrupt their play sequence and can throw off their play scheme entirely.

When you play with your child, remember that this is the time that THEY get to drive the interaction, and you are taking the back seat. The easiest way to show them this is to join their play and IMITATE them. (As long as their play is appropriate, of course.)

Pick up another car and make yours go down the ramp too. Pretend to drink from the tea cup with them. Add blocks to the tower, or make your own tower! Imitating your child’s play actions is where the learning and language magic happens ✨ Think of imitating your child’s play as telling your them “what you’re doing is important and I like it!”

If your child needs help learning how to play, simply model appropriate play actions for them, and see if they pick up on it! You’ll be surprised what kids learn from what they see.

Play is the context in which children learn, socialize, and enjoy their world. So let them play! Go enjoy your kids this week!

Written by: Betsie Johnson M.Ed, BCBA, LBA