Valentine’s Day Fun Using Fine Motor Skills!

Valentine’s Day Fun Using Fine Motor Skills!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spend some extra time today with your child to let them know how much you love and care about them. Here are five fun themed activities that work on strengthening their fine motor skills.

*Try a lacing heart craft. All you need is a paper plate, hole punch, and some colorful yarn. Use the hole punch to punch out the shape of a heart on the plate. Then have your child take the yarn and lace it through the holes to create a colorful laced heart.

*Make heart shaped cookies using a cookie cutter. Having your child knead, roll, and cut out dough will increase a variety of fine motor skills.

*Have your child make handmade valentine’s day cards for the ones they love. Let your child experiment with folding, cutting, and drawing all over their paper.

*Jewelry making is a great way for your child to work on their fine motor precision and bilateral coordination skills. Have your child use yarn and string beads to make their own bracelet or necklace.

*Play a candy heart sorting game. Have your child use tweezers to pinch and pick up candy hearts and sort them by color or saying.

There are a variety of ways fine motor skills can be addressed through Valentine’s Day related play. Let your child explore and have fun while making sure to show them how much you love them on this special day!

Article written by Stephanie Dougherty, OTR/L

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