World Music Day: Meet our Music Therapist

Today is World Music Day!

In honor of World Music Day, we want to highlight our wonderful music therapist, Lydia. Our team and families in our schools and clinics are blessed to work alongside her each day. She brings a wealth of knowledge, joy, and beautiful music to everyone she works with. We are happy to celebrate Lydia today and every day!

Meet Lydia:

What’s a fun fact about you?

“I can play the piano upside down (by laying on my back with my hands over my head!)”

Why do you love music therapy?

“I love music therapy because it combines my passions for music and supporting people. Music therapy creates a unique space where everyone – of all ages and abilities – can feel safe and understood, can connect with others, and can experience success. I love finding creative ways to use music to tap into each child’s strengths and help them reach their fullest potential.”


What is Music Therapy?

Music therapists use music to support children’s growth in non-musical goal areas, such as: communication, academic skills, social/emotional behavior, sensorimotor skills, and self-expression. Music therapy sessions are engaging and individualized according to each child’s strengths, goals, and preferences.

A Music Therapist may use the following interventions to address a variety of skills:

  • Singing: practicing social skills, communicating wants and needs, and using it as a tool for memorization.
  • Instrument play: taking turns, following directions, increasing focus and attention, and improving spatial awareness and coordination.
  • Music listening: answering WH questions, and encouraging mindfulness.
  • Movement and relaxation: fine and gross motor movement, using music as a coping tool, deep breathing, and improving self-regulation.
  • Songwriting: identifying and expressing emotions, making choices, and expressing creativity.


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