Winter Themed Obstacle Course

Brr, it is cold outside!

It’s that time of year where everyone likes to get all cozy indoors. However, just because we are spending more time indoors doesn’t mean we can’t be active and have fun. Try making a winter themed obstacle course in your house. Get creative and pretend you are at the Winter Olympics.

Watch the video below from one of our Physical Therapists completeing her own winter themed obstacle course. 



Grab a friend or family member to make it a competition. See who can complete the course the fastest. You can follow these steps below, or get creative and make your own winter themed activities. No matter what you choose make sure you are staying active and having fun while you do it!

  • Ladder Boot Stomps:
    • This works on single leg balance, two feet take off and landing jumps, as well as bilateral coordination.
  • Tall Kneel Snowball Target Practice:
    • This step will target hamstring and glute strengthening. It also has some visual eye hand coordination ball tossing.
  • Balance Beam Penguin Waddle Walk:
    • Walking like a penguin will work on heel walking with toes out for ankle and hip strengthening. Bonus points because it also works on balance!
  • Snow Shoeing:
    • This activity addresses balance, quadriceps strengthening, and bilateral coordination.


Click here to watch the video!


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