What is Working Memory?

working memory

What is Working Memory?

Working memory refers to the retention, recall, and utilization of information to perform tasks. It is particularly important when learning academics, performing chores/self care activities, and socializing. During these activities, we may be required to remember and use a lot of information.

It may look like:

  • Drawing a picture of something you’ve seen
  • Using the names of friends during play
  • Following GPS directions
  • Organizing pretend play or role-playing stories
  • Singing along with rhymes or songs
  • Following the steps of an obstacle course

Activity Idea:

One way to address working memory is to play waitress/waiter and practice taking orders. You can modify this activity by writing the order down, actually making the food/drink, drawing the order, making the order with play-doh, increasing/decreasing the time before you have to recall the order, and much more. This is a very customizable task so incorporate whatever keeps your “server” motivated and challenged.

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