WH Questions with Holiday Music

It’s Music Time…

This time of year, holiday and winter music is all around us! Holiday songs are not only fun to sing but can be used as a fun way to practice answering “wh” questions. 

Scroll to the bottom to watch the video from our music therapist. 

Our music therapist uses “wh” questions about holiday songs to practice:

  • Active listening: staying focused and listening with your whole body!
  • Reading comprehension: understanding the meaning of what you’re reading!


To practice active listening:

  • Frame it as a memory game. 
  • Tell your child, “Let’s listen closely to the words in this song! When it stops, we’ll see how much we can remember!”
  • Ask questions as often throughout the song as you want!


To practice reading comprehension:

  • Print off the song lyrics. 
  • Read (or sing!) through them together. 
  • You can stop to ask questions between verses or after you read the whole song.
  •  Don’t worry if answering the questions from memory is difficult! This is a great opportunity to practice asking for help. 
  • You can also have your child go back to the lyrics to find the answers, almost like a lyric “scavenger hunt!”


Here are some examples of “wh” questions about holiday/winter songs!


  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Various Artists)
    • What kind of nose did Rudolph have? (A shiny nose)
    • Who laughed and called him names? (The other reindeer)
    • Why did Santa ask Rudolph to guide the sleigh? (He had a bright nose)


  • I’m a Little Snowman (Super Simple Songs)
    • Why does the snowman wear a hat and scarf? (It’s cold)
    • How many buttons does the snowman have? (3 buttons)


  • Hanukkah, Oh, Hanukkah (Various Artists)
    • Where do they gather? (Around the table)
    • What is burning low? (The candles)
    • What do they eat? (Latkes)


  • Kwanzaa is Here (The Kiboomers)
    • How many days do we celebrate? (Seven days)
    • What colors are the candles? (Red, green, and black)


Click here to watch the video!


There are so many ways to get creative with asking and answering “wh” questions related to music. Happy singing and happy holidays! 



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