Sequencing with Elf on the Shelf

Sequencing with Elf on the Shelf

Sequencing in December 

Has your Elf on the Shelf come to your house yet? Many elves are leaving the North Pole and are taking up residence in their new holiday homes. Some elves leave fun treats for children to play with or eat. Parents if your family’s elf leaves these surprises, why not use them as a way to practice important language skills such as sequencing? 

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What is Sequencing? 

In speech and language therapy, one area that is often addressed is sequencing. The skill of sequencing helps children develop higher order thinking skills and deductive reasoning. Additionally, if children develop appropriate sequencing skills they can chronologically order the words they produce. Sequencing involves talking about what comes first, next, then, and last. Transitional words such as “first” and “then” are critical for understanding language. 


How to practice: 

To practice sequencing, parents can look at what their elf has left and write out the steps needed to complete the task. For example, if your elf left you the materials to make a s’more, parents can write out the various steps needed to make the s’more on an index card. These could include: first- break the cracker, next- put on the chocolate and marshmallows, then- heat the s’more, and last- EAT! 

Parents can also write out instructions for family recipes or other fun holiday traditions. Then, parents can present the index cards with the instructions to their child. They can work together to correctly order the steps, all while emphasizing those transition words. If your child is a beginner reader, parents can also verbally describe the task.

Have Fun!

Practicing language skills during the holidays can be easily embedded into the traditions that occur every year. Something as simple as writing instructions on index cards can allow for a teachable moment to strengthen sequencing skills. This holiday season create memories and empower your child to enhance their language proficiency. 


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