Using Music to Target Goals

It’s time for some music!

Did you know you can use one song to target a varitey of goals?!

Today, we will be using the classic, “Old Macdonald,” to support your child’s development in three different ways. Scroll to the bottom to watch the video. 


First, you can use “Old Macdonald” to practice vocal imitation.

Vocal imitation is a foundational skill for:

  • acquiring language
  • communicating needs and wants
  • being able to play and socially interact with others

Animal sounds are a great way to practice imitating a variety of vowel and consonant sounds! 


Second, you can use “Old Macdonald” to practice receptive and expressive language.

Using animal flash cards or other visuals, use “Old Macdonald” to practice identifying a variety of animals. This will help increase language development, such as, receptive and expressive language.

  • Receptive language is the ability to listen and comprehend what someone else is saying.
    • Try holding up two different cards (for example, pig and cow) and singing, “And on that farm he had a… touch pig!”
  • Expressive language is the ability to communicate wants or needs.
    • Try holding up a card and singing, “And on that farm he had a…what animal is this?” 

Therefore, both are important life skills!


Finally, you can use “Old Macdonald” to stay active through gross motor movement.

As the weather cools down, it’s important to find ways to stay active inside! Instead of using “Old Macdonald” to practice animal sounds (“with a quack, quack here…”), engage your child in gross motor movement by practicing different animal walks (“with a waddle, waddle here…”). Gallop around the house, have a crawling race, see who can hop the farthest – get silly and have fun!


Click here to watch the video!


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