Thanksgiving Craft

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

Many of us will spend the day cooking and eating lots of good food! However, it is also a day to spend time with friends and family while expressing gratitude and thanks. Eventhough Thanksgiving may look different for many people this year, we can still find things that we can be grateful for.

Project Play Therapy is so thankful for all our kiddos, parents, family members, and school staff that we get to partner with each day.  We appreciate your endless support and love for not only the children, but for all of us at Project Play. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for you.

While we know tomorrow can be a chaotic day for some, it is important to spend some time discussing with your children about what it means to be thankful. Ask your child, “what are you thankful for?” Help them think of ideas such as family members, teachers, friends, and pets.

Thankful Turkey Craft:

Instead of just talking to your child about gratitude, try this fun craft that encourages children to think of six things that they are thankful for! This is also a great activity to work on a variety of fine motor and visual perceptual skills, as well as, speech sounds, and language development.

What you need:

How to:

  • Color the picture of the turkey
  • Discuss with your child six things they are thankful for
  • Write down the six things
  • Cut out each part of the turkey
  • Glue on to construction paper while matching the visual example
  • Have fun!


Everyone at Project Play Therapy wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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