Trick-or-Treat Communication Cards

trick or treat card

Trick-or-Treat Communication Cards

Hearing children shout, “trick or treat!” on your doorstep on Halloween is always a fond and fun surprise. But for kids with complex communication needs, this childhood experience can often be daunting or even avoided.

Complex communication needs refers to any individual who has a significant difficulty communicating in a typical manner. Using alternative and augmentative forms of communication (AAC) is a viable way for these individuals to communicate and access the world around them. AAC can come in various forms most often categorized as light-tech, mid-tech or high-tech. 

  • High-tech AAC includes computerized communication systems such as an iPad app or other tablet system.
  • Mid-tech AAC includes battery-operated systems such as a single message voice output button.
  • Light-tech (also called low- or no-tech) AAC includes any non-electronic system such as sign language, pictures, symbols or written words.

Each type of AAC has unique pros and cons specific to the individual communicator. Many communicators use a combination of approaches to get their message across in the most efficient and effective way. 

We have created light-tech trick-or-treat cards, which may be an effective way to engage your child in the Halloween fun this year! To prep these cards, you will need to download the cards below, print and cut them out, write your child’s name. Then have your child hand out the cards as an alternative form of communication while trick-or-treating!

English version here: Trick-or-Treat Cards

Spanish version here: Spanish Trick-or-Treat Cards



Happy Halloween, from Project Play Therapy! 


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