Token Boards Reimagined

token board

Token Boards Reimagined: Alternatives to the standard token board

A token economy is a reinforcement strategy used to help increase a desired behavior. These tokens are given to the child when the desired behavior is seen. After accumulating the designated number of tokens, they can be exchanged for a larger reward. A token board is a visual reminder to show the progress. Typically, this looks like stickers or Velcro pieces on a piece of paper.


However, if you don’t have access to the standard token board or are looking for a fun way to use tokens, here are some different ideas:

  • Coins or printed bills
    • This can be a practical way to teach your child about spending money. Give your child money as tokens which they can later use to buy a larger reward!
  • Pompoms in a jar
    • The child can collect pompoms as tokens and once the jar is full, they will get their reward.
    • The bigger the jar, the more pompoms they will need!
  • Puzzle
    • Individual pieces of a puzzle act as the tokens. Once they have finished the puzzle, they have reached their goal!
  • Legos/Blocks/Magna-tiles
    • Each time a child gets a piece, they can build a predetermined structure!
    • Have a picture or a model of the final structure so they can see the final product.
  • iPad/tablet app
    • If your child is motivated by screens, using an app that visually displays a board could be effective.

Token economies can also be fun and creative! Try them out and let us know which one your child loves!


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