Tips for Taking Kids to the Dentist

It is time to go to the dentist!

Going to the dentist is an uncomfortable experience for everyone! It can be especially scary for kiddos! Helping prepare your child for the dentist can make the experience better for everyone involved. Here are some tips from one of our ABA therapists that can help you prepare your child for the dentist!


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Modeling the experience for a child could be super helpful for them to understand what is going to happen during their appointment. You can do this by scheduling an appointment for yourself a few days before. Bring your child along, explain what is happening, and, if your dentist allows, let them safely explore the space and tools used! 


Pretend Play:

If time is not on your side for modeling an appointment, pretend play is a great alternative! Set up a “dentist clinic” at your house and you can pretend to be the dentist. Pretend to clean your child’s teeth and explain what is happening. If you’re brave, let your child pretend to be the dentist, too!



Another tip is plan something fun after the dentist appointment! Having something planned can provide your child something to look forward to and could also serve as a reward. Use clear directions (e.g., “first we’re going to the dentist, then we’re going to Jump Street!”) to remind your child of the upcoming reward! 


We hope your next trip to the dentist goes as smoothly as possible!


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