Storytelling: Speech and Language Activity

Let’s tell some stories!

Sharing stories is an enjoyable way to connect with your child while promoting crucial communication skills. Storytelling can help promote your child’s vocabulary, grammar, working memory, social language use and so much more! 

You can watch one of our speech and language therapists explain this activity here!

Storytelling Activity

For a quick storytelling activity, grab a bag and fill it with objects found around your home. Have your child reach into the bag and choose objects one at a time. Allow your child to explore what they discovered and describe the objects. Ask questions to help your child think deeper about what they found! What does it look like? Where do you find it? 

Once your child has described several items, it’s time to start storytelling! Choose one of the items and begin the narrative, “Once upon a time there was a…” Encourage your child to jump in with the next object! 

Tips for great storytelling times:

  • Allow your child to take the story where they like and add additional objects they find
  • Use objects related to your child’s favorite movie or book to retell well-loved stories 
  • Encourage your child to define a clear beginning, middle and end by modeling words such as “first,” “next” or “last.”
  • If your child seems stuck, ask a question or jump in with an idea to keep the fun rolling

Happy storytelling!


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