Going on an Airplane: Social Story + Song

Time to Take Flight!

Going to the airport and flying in an airplane can be a fun, but challenging, experience! Waiting in long lines, walking through big crowds, hearing the roar of the plane as it takes off… For kids with sensory sensitivities, navigating the airport and airplane can be especially overwhelming.

How can I help prepare my child for a trip in an airplane?

  • Pack a “surprise bag” full of small toys, books, coloring, travel games, snacks, etc. While waiting in lines, sitting at the gates, or during the flight, pull out one fun thing at a time. Getting excited about what fun thing is next can help to pass the time more quickly! 
  • Talk with your child about things they can do if they need help calming down. Examples include: taking deep breaths, playing with sensory toys, asking for hugs or squeezes, and listening to music. Make a list using words or pictures that they can keep with them while traveling. 
  • Use a social story to prepare your child for all of the different parts of going to the airport and flying in a plane! Social stories are a great way to help your child know what to expect. You can find lots of different social stories online, here is our Going on An Airplane story to get you started.

Going on an Airplane Story

Music can also be a helpful tool to prepare for going on a trip in an airplane!

Our music therapist wrote a social story song that walks your child through what to expect and reassures them using the mantra, “don’t worry, it’s okay.” Listen to the song HERE, and read the lyrics below. You can listen and sing along to this song before and during your trip! 

“Don’t Worry, It’s Okay”

(sung to the tune of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”)

We’re going to the airport

Gonna wait in lines, long and short

Don’t worry, it’s okay.

It might be bright, it might be loud

You might have to walk through some crowds

Don’t worry, stay with your family.

Once we get to the gate

It’ll be time to sit and wait

Don’t worry, it’s okay.

Then we’ll get on the plane

The flight attendants will explain

How we can stay safe

It might be bumpy, it might be loud

When we fly up in the clouds

Don’t worry, it’s okay

Stay in our seat and take deep breaths

Eat some snacks or take a rest

Don’t worry, it’s okay

We can bring fun things to do

Until our plane ride is through

Don’t worry, it’s okay.

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