Sequencing Thanksgivng Activity Page

language sequencing activity

Let’s Make a Turkey!

Today’s activity is a fun way to get in the Thanksgiving spirit while working on the skill of sequencing!

Why Sequencing?

Sequencing is the ability to arrange in a particular order. It is an important component of both comprehension and expressive language. Putting words together to make a correct phrase or sentence, understanding and executing directions with more than one step, and retelling a story are all skills that require sequencing.

Activity Materials and Steps



  1. Print and gather materials. Cut out pieces of turkey and cut the order of events into strips.
  2. Introduce the activity, explaining that you will be following steps to make a turkey.
  3. Discuss and arrange the steps in order. Place emphasis on the transition words (i.e., ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘then’, and ‘last’).
  4. As you put the turkey together, draw attention back to each step.


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