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core values

Project Play Therapy’s Core Value History

Here at Project Play Therapy, we strive to live out our Core Values each and every day. It is our goal to have our Core Values felt, heard, and seen throughout our community.

How did the core values come to be? 

Cindy Minnis, VP of Clinical & School Services, came to PPT as our director in 2019. At that time, our company was in a growing state, and Cindy wanted to help everyone work together toward our mission. She utilized “the power of why,” which helps organizations articulate the WHY behind what they do: to work toward one common goal and feel more passionate about the work they are doing. 

Cindy brought together the entire company to answer these questions: 

  1. If you could choose 3 words to describe the team, what would they be?
  2. At the end of the day, what one thing will the team at PPT be remembered for?
  3. What are the traits that will help you excel on this team?

Each employee was asked to write an answer to these questions on sticky notes, and place them throughout the room. Eventually, all of the walls were covered from top to bottom. 

The leadership team then took all of the sticky notes, and grouped them into common themes, which led to our four core values we have today: we love our village, we find joy in the hustle, we change the game, and we accept no limits. 

How do we put our Core Values to practice? 

  • Each meeting that is held, our team highlights a Core Value, and provides time for team members to shout out other employees on where they have seen them exemplify a Core Value well. 
  • They are embedded into the Employee Review Process, where feedback is centered around each Core Value. Strengths and areas of growth are discussed for each Core Values, which are then turned into goals for the upcoming year. 
  • They are part of our interview process, and it is important that our Core Values align with potential new employees. 
  • All of our internal documents (i.e. meeting documents) have our Core Values displayed on each page
  • Most recently, murals have been painted in each of our locations to showcase our Core Values, along with our Mission and Vision Statement. 


“Core Values takes management to leadership — I want to help my team, to inspire their teams, to continue to strive to help each person, and really meet our Vision and Mission Statement.” -Dr. Cindy Minnis, VP of Clinical and School Services at Project Play Therapy


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