First 5 Signs

First 5 Signs

First Five Signs to Teach Your Child

Communication begins long before the first words, and signs are a helpful way to teach early effective communication skills. Signs can reduce the frustration of the parent when attempting to guess what their child needs.


Where should I start?

In order to introduce these signs to a child, they should be used as often as possible along with the word itself. For example, if a child wants milk, one can say “You want milk” while clearly using the sign for milk. It may take some time for a child to learn each sign, so we recommended to introduce only one or two signs at a time until mastered. The more exposure to a sign that a child has, the more opportunity for successful understanding. It is acceptable for a child create a variation of a sign, if the parent knows what they mean, and the sign refers to the same meaning each time.

First 5 signs:

  1. Milk – A hand gesture as if one is milking a cow.
  2. More – Place all fingers together and tap fingertips from both hands together.
  3. All Done – Shake both hands as if brushing something away from you.
  4. Hungry – Put fingertips from one hand together and place them to the mouth as if eating.
  5. Help – Make a thumbs up and place it in the palm of the opposite hand.

Be sure to check out this video of one of our Speech Language Pathologists demonstrating these signs.


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