New Year’s WH Questions



We are finally in a new year! Happy 2021! As we all know, a new year means looking forward to new adventures, new lessons, new friendships, and many more things. Today one of our speech language pathologists will teach you  how to target wh- questions and the New Year while at home. Scroll to the bottom for the video!


WH Questions

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why


Activity 1: Personal WH- question activity 

Try asking your child some questions about themselves and the new year. For example try these:

  • What is something you’re excited about in 2021?
  • When will you try to reach these goals by? 
  • Who can help you reach these goals? 
  • Why are you most excited for 2021? 


Activity 2: Reading and answering WH- questions about different countries/cultures


People all over the world celebrate this special day differently. I challenge you to learn about a different country and discuss how their New Year’s celebrations are different from yours. I’d love to hear all about what you learn from your research! Here are some questions to keep in the back of your mind when reading:


  • What country are you reading about?
  • When does that country celebrate the new year?
  • What kind of traditions do they have in their country on this day? 
  • What types of food or drinks are eaten on this day?
  • Where is the MOST exciting place to celebrate the new year in that country? 
  • Tell me why you would want to celebrate New Year’s in that country? 


We cannot wait to see what year 2021 has in store and I’m so excited to continue learning and growing. From all of us at Project Play Therapy, Feliz Ano Nuevo or HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Watch the video here!


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