2020 Time Capsule

2020 Time Capsule

So long, 2020!

2020 has come to a close, and boy, what a year it has been! While many of us are glad to see 2020 go, there have certainly been some unforgettable memories along the way. We have a fun activity the whole family can do to help us remember this very special and unusual year.  Bonus points, because it also works on fine motor and visual skills, as well as, mental health.

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As you reflect back on 2020, talk with your child about some memorable moments, and think about some of their favorite parts of the year. Take some time to capture a “snapshot” of your child at this moment in time.


Skill Development

This activity helps develop a child’s fine motor and visual motor skills. You can practice using an age-appropriate grasp on the crayon or marker, incorporating the non-dominant ”helper hand” to hold the paper, and work on drawing and writing skills. As an added bonus, when children identify people and things they enjoy, it helps build their mental health!


You will need:



  • Ask your child to answer the questions on the Time Capsule Page. This is a great opportunity for the whole family to share things they enjoy and their favorite memories of 2020!
  • Have your child draw or write their answers to the questions on the page
  • Take turns sharing answers and having conversations about your 2020 memories
  • Keep this page in a safe place so you can look back on these answers in future years!


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Project Play Therapy wishes everyone a safe, happy, and healthy 2021!


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