New Years I-Spy Activity Page

new years i spy activity

Happy New Year!

Are you looking for a low-prep activity to do with your kids before they are back at school soon? We have created a New Years themed Find & Count Activity Page, which is perfect for kids of all ages!

Materials Needed

… and that is it! If you don’t have a printer, no problem! Just pull the PDF up on a tablet or laptop for the activity.

How to use the activity page:

  • Point to or name one of the images, and have your child count how many they can find.
  • Have multiple children take turns picking an image and circling as many as they can find.
  • Take turns describing one of the images, then having the other person guess it and finding each of them.
  • Practice handwriting between rounds by writing the image they found, the number of how many they found, or using the image they found in a sentence.

What skills will they be working on?

There are many skills addressed during “I-Spy like” activities, one being visual perceptual skills. Visual perceptual skills help a child to make sense of (interpret) what they are seeing. This skill is necessary for reading, writing, and movement activities. Specific visual perceptual skills include:

  • Visual discrimination – matching two objects that are the same
  • Visual memory – the ability to remember visual information
  • Form constancy – the ability to notice that two objects are the same even if they are different in size, color, etc.
  • Figure ground – the ability to find an object when it is hidden in a busy background

… all of which can be addressed through our New Years I-Spy activity page!


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