Gross Motor Snowball Dodgeball

snowball dodgeball

Gross Motor Snowball Dodgeball

Today’s challenge is to work on your motor skills and win a snowball fight! There isn’t always snow readily available here in Tennessee, however you can still have snowball fun by using paper!


How to set up and play:

  • Crumple blank paper into tight balls using those FINE MOTOR skills!
  • Lay out 10 in the middle of a room or outdoor space, and have teams ranging from 1-5 people on each side.
  • After yelling “SNOW THROW LET’S GO!”, each team must rush to grab a snowball, remain on their side, and try to hit the players across the way to get them out. If a snowball is caught, a teammate gets to come back into the game who was previously out.
  • The side who gets all of the opposing players out wins the game.


Gross motor skills we will work on:

  • Tossing/Catching: This game requires the skill to aim and release a throw towards your opponent in a place where they cannot catch the snowball. This is wonderful practice for accuracy in throwing. You will also work on midline coordination to try and catch other snowballs as they come towards you!
  • Backwards and Side-Stepping: This game requires you to move backwards and side to side while keeping your gaze forwards to keep an eye on your opponent. These are important skills to have to build lateral muscle control and balance reactions in all planes of movement!
  • Spatial Awareness: To avoid incoming snowballs, it will require awareness of where your limbs are in space. You may need to bring one arm closer to your body while side-stepping the opposite way, practicing a numerous combination of muscle coordination combinations!

Have snow much fun!


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