Motor Skills to Use for a Fun Holiday Season!

Everyone knows how hectic it can get during the holiday season. This year let’s make the holidays fun and functional! Here are a few ways your child can work on their fine motor skills while getting ready for the holidays.

Baking cookies

Have your child write out the recipe to work on their handwriting. Mixing, pouring, rolling, and cutting out the dough is a great way to work on your child’s strength and fine motor precision skills.

Wrapping presents

Cutting, folding the paper, and taping it all together is a great way to secretly work on fine motor skills.

Building a gingerbread house

Putting together all the small candy pieces and building the house is a great way to incorporate fine motor work into your child’s day.

Making snowmen

Packing and rolling snow works on your child’s upper extremity strength and bilateral coordination skills.

Letters to Santa

Have your child work on their handwriting legibility or typing skills by writing or typing their own letter to Santa.

Dreidel Game

Spinning the Dreidel can be a fun way to work on your child’s pincer grasp and fine motor precision skills!

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Article written by Stephanie Dougherty, Occupational Therapist