Mother’s Day Crafts

Project Play Therapy wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day!


We are honored to get to partner with so many incredible moms here at Project Play Therapy. We thank you for selflessly giving you time and energy to help your children grow. From driving your kids to and from therapy, collaborating with therapists, helping your child complete their therapy “homework,” and everything in-between, thank you! We celebrate and appreciate you always, but especially this Mother’s Day! 

For the kids — show your mom you love her “bunches” by making her a flower bouquet! 


Pipe Cleaner Only Bouquet 

You will need:

  • 2 pipe cleaners per flower (1 green, 1 color of choice)



  • To make your flower, twist your colored pipe cleaner into a spiral circle. 
  • To make your stem and lead, use your green pipe cleaner and make an oval shape with the bottom half of the pipe cleaner. Twist the oval with the straight stem to secure in place.
  • Twist the top of the stem with your flower spiral. 
  • Repeat to make a full bouquet. 


Pipe Cleaner and Cupcake Liner Bouquet 


You will need:

  • Two large cupcake liners and two small — If you don’t have small ones, you can just color the middle of the large liner.
  • One pipe cleaner
  • Crayons



  • Lay out the cupcake liner and color the outside, ribbed, area any color. Color the middle yellow. In the small liner, color the inside yellow.
  • Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist the bottom two times. Push the tip of the pipe cleaner through the middle of the large liner first and then a small one next. Fold over the tip to make a small center of the flower without having the sharp end sticking up. Do that for the second side as well. 



If you want to turn your flowers into a card, click here to print a copy


Interested in learning what skills your child is working on while making this craft?

Here are a few: 

  • Bilateral coordination when forming the flower and stem/leaf 
  • Following directions
  • Fine motor strength when coloring
  • Creativity 
  • Handwriting and language skills when writing a message for the card.




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